Conservation of the natural environment, especially its biodiversity, is the foundation of not only economic development, but is also an essential aspect for the healthy and sustainable development of society

LIFE Integrated project “Optimising the Governance and Management of the Natura 2000 Protected Areas Network in Latvia”
The aim of the project is to improve the nature protection system in Latvia in order to ensure favourable conservation status of protected species and habitats. The planned activities will allow to create a clear and reasonable nature protection system that balances the interests of both preservation of nature values and economic development, is understandable to everyone and will serve not only current but also future generations.

Project partners representing both public and non-governmental bodies, as well as higher education institutions, have agreed to cooperate in achieving these common goals.

The wide range of experts involved in the cooperation partners will contribute to finding best practices and creating and adopting innovative solutions, especially in the biodiversity sector.

0 %

of Latvia's territory is included in the Natura2000 network

(in total, Specially Protected Nature Territories in Latvia are 18%)
0 %
of the territory’s land belongs to the state
0 %
to local municipalities
0 %
to private landowners
protected types of terrestrial habitats of EU importance
0 %
in unvavorable and poor status (EU average 30%)
0 %
in good status


Biodiversity in Latvia is declining.
Forest, grassland, and peatland habitats as well as related species are the most endangered.

The integrated project is focussed to improve the protection of forest and grassland habitats and limit the spread of invasive species.



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