Planned results

Start of the project

PHASE 1 August 1, 2020 – December 31, 2022

30. April, 2021
Training plan for NCA personnel
30. June, 2021
Guidelines for inclusion of species into the list of invasive alien species in Latvia
A methodology for monitoring the socio-economic impact of a LIFE project
30. September, 2021
A report – overview on site management planning and implementation in other EU member states
31. December, 2021
Networking plan to exchange experience
Communication Strategy and Action Plan
Guidelines and quality criteria for organizing habitat management activities as public events using the brand “Let’s do it for nature!”
Methods of 11 monitoring sub-programmes are evaluated and updated to include the relevant IAS

PHASE 2 January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2024

30. January, 2023
Contracts for small grants in testing methods for eradication of invasive species concluded (Part 2)
05. May, 2023
Methodology and documentation for integration of remote sensing int the National Nature Data Management system
30. May, 2023
Basic-level monitoring methods for grassland and forest habitats
31. May, 2023
Agreements with forest and grassland owners to test the effectiveness of a voluntary approach to preserving natural values on private land
30. June, 2023
Meadow product brand strategy has been developed
30. November, 2023
Annual project socio-economic assessment reports: 2nd monitoring report
01. December, 2023
Expert-level monitoring method for grassland habitats
30. December, 2023
Objectives for the protection of habitats of EU importance have been set
Report Legal analysis of the current protection regimes (protection categories) in Latvia
31. December, 2023
Expert-level monitoring method for forest habitats

PHASE 3 January 1, 2025 – December 31, 2026

30. June, 2025
A second public survey on nature protection issues
According to the improved system
Alternative proposals for the improvement of the compensation system
30. September, 2025
The 1st international conference
30. November, 2025
Annual project socio-economic assessment reports: 4th monitoring report
30. December, 2025
National level habitat protection plans for 59 habitat types
Proposals for regulatory enactments for a modern nature protection plan development system
31. December, 2025
A small grant program for new methods of eradicating invasive species has been introduced and analyzed
Management of disturbance-dependent coniferous forest habitats in pilot areas
A survey on the role of biodiversity and ecosystem services in long-term nature protection

PHASE 4 January 1, 2027 – December 31, 2028

30. June, 2027
The 2nd international conference
30. September, 2027
Prepared the project of Priority Action Framework (PAF) 2028+
30. November, 2027
Annual project socio-economic assessment reports: 6th monitoring report
01. December, 2027
Basic-level and expert-level monitoring method for grassland and forest habitats
30. December, 2027
Guidelines for the eradication of five invasive species based on project experience
The effectiveness of five methods of eradicating invasive plant species has been summarized and evaluated
31. December, 2027
Proposals for new effective compensation system
Strategy for the integration of voluntary mechanisms into the biodiversity conservation system of Latvia
Monitoring method for assessing the effectiveness of forest habitat restoration and management
31. January, 2028
Experience of forest management demonstrations in private farms has been evaluated
End of the project


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