A new publication for cultivating biodiversity in every homestead

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The Nature Conservation Agency has launched the brochure "How to cultivate biodiversity in the garden and rural property". It tells about simple things that can be done in every garden and farmstead to protect and increase the assets of nature. The publication will be a good assistant for supporting biodiversity in the homestead, both in the countryside and the city.

It can already be read electronically, but printed editions will be available free of charge in the Nature Education Centres un offices of the Regional Administrations.

LIFE-IP LatViaNature project experts of the Nature Conservation Agency from various fields prepared the publication: Anita Namatēva (grassland and bog expert), Valdis Pilāts (mammal expert), Agnese Priede (grassland, bog and forest expert), Santa Rutkovska (invasive species expert) and Lauma Vizule-Kahovska (freshwater expert). The authors encourage to observe and learn about natural processes, introduce to various nature residents in the garden and around the house, as well as provide useful sources of information for more information.

“The vicinity of human settlements can host a large number of plants, insects, birds and other living creatures, as long as they are accepted and helped to. The higher the diversity of the natural environment, the higher the environmental resilience. The more species, the healthier, more sustainable and more interesting life for us, humans”, says Agnese Priede, Head of the Nature Experts Unit of the project and Chief Editor of the publication.

The results of a public survey carried out by the LatViaNature project on the recognition of nature conservation suggest that caring for nature is important for the residents of Latvia, however there is a lack of understanding and knowledge what exactly should be done. The advice of the nature experts provides an answer to this question at the beginning of the journey, and also encourage to look, think and search for more information ourselves. The brochure is written in a simple language on purpose, so that anyone can understand and read it.

The publication (in Latvian) is available for downloading and electronic reading here: https://latvianature.daba.gov.lv/izglitojosimateriali/


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