Marsh habitats at Lake Kaņieris are being restored during international clean-up

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LatViaNature talka pie Kaņiera
In Ķemeri National Park near Kaņieris Lake, a clean-up was organized to preserve biodiversity and restore a calcareous herb marsh, which is also an important habitat for various plant species. During the clearing work, the bushes and trees harvested in the previous winter were removed.

More than 40 high school students from six European Union member states – Latvia, Romania, Cyprus, Poland, Italy, and Bulgaria – participated in the event within the ERASMUS project “Volunteerism and Active Citizenship: From Individuals to Organizations”.

LatViaNature purva talka pie Kaņiera

The highest diversity of orchids, including rare, can particularly be found in calcareous marshes.

The marsh restoration activity took place within the initiative “Let’s do it for nature!”, which is implemented by the Nature Conservation Agency together with Pasaules Dabas Fonds. The initiative annually involves more than 1000 volunteers in various nature conservation activities throughout Latvia, they work together to restore river streams, clear meadows from bushes, gather reeds, eliminate invasive species, and perform other tasks helping nature. More:



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