New geocache series to explore Latvia’s biodiversity

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LIFE-IP LatViaNature slēpņu sērija
To enrich the experience of gaining knowledge of Latvia’s nature with an educational entertaining game, the Geocaching for LIFE series by LIFE-IP LatViaNature project has been set up to mark the 30-year anniversary of the LIFE Programme. Geocaches have been deployed at the sites of the LIFE Programme projects, mainly at Natura 2000 sites in the central part of Latvia and the coast of Kurzeme. 16 newly created geocaches will reveal the diversity of Latvia's nature and provide insight to the secrets of the surroundings – rare and protected plant and animal species, habitats, and important cultural and historical landscapes.

The stories included in the geocache descriptions help you successfully navigate searching for geocaches, expanding knowledge and getting to know the surrounding nature. At the same time, stories also present important conservation initiatives implemented, or under implementation, by the Nature Conservation Agency (NCA) together with partners in the LIFE Programme over the last 20 years (2002-2022).

NCA Deputy Director General Andris Širovs: “The projects of the LIFE Programme implemented by the NCA represent a valuable contribution to the conservation of nature diversity in Latvia, and the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. The deployment of LIFE projects has contributed to innovative and sustainable improvements, such as the renewal of the hydrological regime in previously drained swamps, the restoration of the natural seabed of rivers, and the natural nature of forest structures. I would also like to highlight the economic assessment of ecosystem services, initiatives to eradicate invasive alien species, and the development of guidelines for the management of habitats as important measures to help to restore and conserve natural habitats as well as to promote better protection of endangered species. The LIFE projects also provide an opportunity to test new methods, and make sure that it is possible to put them into practice.”

Geocaching is a fascinating adventure in open nature, with orientation elements, and the pleasure of finding the geocaches: small containers of treasure. The Geocaching for LIFE geocaches contain a pad, or a guestbook, where an entry is to be made on the find and timing. Finding all 16 series geocaches will enable you to find out the location of the bonus geocache, where the LIFE-IP LatViaNature project’s surprise awards will be waiting.

To begin geocaching, you need a smartphone with a GPS function or GPS device, to create a profile on the site, and install the Geocaching mobile app.


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