The network of Natura 2000 territories in Latvia is our common wealth

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May 21 marks the 29th anniversary since the Natura 2000 network in Europe was established by adapting the Habitats Directive, which, together with the Birds Directive, is a cornerstone of European nature protection policy.

It is designed to protect and manage endangered species and habitats in their natural range in Europe, regardless of national borders. Each Member State is part of the integrated Natura 2000 network of protected areas with its own system of protected areas.

Latvia has been included in the Natura 2000 network since 2004, there are 333 Natura 2000 sites (326 terrestrial and seven marine areas) and in total they cover 12% of Latvia.

Nature is our own and Latvia’s greatest wealth. Latvia’s nature is immeasurable in its richness – in order to serve as a source of health, inspiration and daily strength, we must value, protect and restore it.


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