Stories of Old Polypore Mushroom

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Stories of Old Polypore Mushroom

The series of 10 short films “Stories of Old Polypore Mushroom”, created within the LatViaNature project of the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, is about biologically valuable forests and their interconnected web of life. The stories are based on scientific data and knowledge of nature experts, but in the voice of the wise Polypore Mushroom will be understandable to everyone.

In cooperation with the WKND agency. The films were created by Liene Brizga-Kalniņa and LatViaNature experts Linda Uzule, Sandra Ikauniece, Ivars Leimanis, Ģirts Baranovskis, Ieva Saleniece, and Anda Zakenfelde. 

Video materials from the Nature Conservation Agency, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, and the association “Nature Concert Hall” were used for shortfilms.

All the short films can be conveniently viewed in sequence in the playlist: HERE>>>


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