A.6.2: Survey on compensation mechanisms

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The success of biodiversity conservation largely depends on the motivation of landowners to take care of the conservation and enhancement of nature assets ​​on their land. Opinion polls of forest and grassland owners were conducted from July to December 2021 to identify and understand their needs and available resources.

The surveys focused on various aspects of compensation mechanisms, such as adequacy of the current compensation system to their needs, motivations of private landowners to take part in biodiversity protection, socio-economic aspects, etc.

Coordinating partner: Nature Conservation Agency


23.November, 2022 Done

A survey of landowners on compensation mechanisms related to biodiversity conservation measures on private land

Ziņojums par zālāju īpašnieku aptaujas rezultātiem
Survey to grassland owners, summary of the report
Ziņojums par privāto mežu īpašnieku aptaujas rezultātiem
Survey of private forest owners, summary of the results


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