Centralized Nature Data Portal

Creation of a modern, centralized data portal for the nature conservation sector

The nature data management system Ozols is the backbone”of the nature protection system. Lacking qualitative data and effective management, neither planning nor implementation is possible. In Latvia, data related to biodiversity are stored in the nature data management system Ozols, which is a state information system. The data are used in various areas such as permitting, control, planning, species and habitat status assessments, reporting and elsewhere. Originally, the data system was developed as a data register with a data storage function, but over time both the use and the amount of data have grown significantly. Whilst preparing this project, this system no longer supported the latest technologies available in mobile solutions, data analysis, and integration of remote sensing. Data collection had become cumbersome as new GPS devices did not support the system’s outdated mobile solutions. The original data processing solutions were physically outdated and when cross-comparing data from multiple data sources, several problems of database interoperability and data reliability were identified. There is an urgent need for a unified approach that should be integrated in the Nature Data Management System, and it is essential to upgrade and develop a contemporaty IT tool for the collection, storage and analysis of monitoring data as well as allowing for data entry, storage, and visualization. We are creating a modern data portal!


Methods based on remote sensing (C.10)


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