Data Analysis and Planning

Systematic setting of species and habitat protection objectives and habitat protection plans

As a result of a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of habitat and species data, we will develop scientifically based proposals on how to more effectively protect, manage, and enhance the benefits of Latvia’s  nature. In order to make nature conservation in Latvia more purposeful, we will set measurable goals for the protection of species and habitats of EU importance. By training experts and nature protection planners, we will promote a systematic approach to setting and achieving goals in Latvian nature protection. Specifically, the development of national level habitat protection plans for all terrestrial and freshwater habitats of EU importance in Latvia.

Natura 2000 network in Latvia

An in-depth analysis of natural data, including an assessment of the latest available habitat and species data, will make it possible to assess the effectiveness of the Natura 2000 network of sites and their complementary green infrastructure in conserving natural values and to address gaps. It also includes proposals for changes within the boundaries of specially protected areas and proposals for the creation of new specially protected nature areas. The objectives for the protection of species and habitats of EU importance and the proposed actions, as well as the full Natura 2000 network will be based on scientific criteria.

Nature protection plans

In the conservation of biological diversity, the planning of nature protection measures is equally important at the national and nature levels. If the analysis of species and habitat data will help to set national and territorial protection objectives, then nature protection or management plans are a tool for planning and coordinating specific actions between different interest groups. By reviewing the content and procedure for developing the current nature protection plans, we plan to develop a modern, effective approach. It will be tested and improved in several pilot areas. Thus, the legal framework that determines the content of nature protection plans and the development process will be improved.



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