Cross-Sectoral Cooperation

Strengthening administrative capacity and cross-sectoral cooperation

In order to implement the ambitious plan to comprehensively evaluate and improve the nature conservation system in Latvia, the project employs a team of experts, scientists and practitioners of various specialisations, representing public administration and scientific institutions, non-governmental organisations and enterprises. The diverse experience and competence of the whole project team is the strength of the project and a cornerstone in finding new approaches and methods that would help to solve topical nature conservation issues. Such a model of cooperation will contribute to the improvement of nature conservation in the long term, and capacity building of organizations and experts is part of this. An important part of the project is the involvement of steakholders and the representation of various sectors and viewpoints, thus the project becomes a platform for negotiation and exchange of views and interests where balancing nature, economic and social aspects takes place. Formats of cooperation within the project include seminars, conferences, trainings, experience sharing events among stakeholders, nature conservation and industry professionals, as well as field demonstrations, discussions and other events for professionals and stakeholders, thus strengthening cross-sectoral cooperation.

Demonstrations in forests

Invasive species management demonstrations

Trainings for experts and stakeholders

Trainings for consultants


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